About Us

Our History

Established in 1996, Erajaya Group is one of the largest and most trusted company engaging in an integrated business of the distribution and retail of mobile telecommunications equipment.

In its daily activity, Erajaya Group engages in the distribution and retail of mobile telecommunication devices such as mobile phones and tablets, subscriber identity module card (SIM Card), mobile network operator voucher top-up, accessories, and gadgets such as computers and other electronic devices.

Erajaya Group is at the leading company in the field of the distribution and retail of mobile phones. This achievement cannot be separated from the distribution and retail strategy developed by Erajaya Group. The strategy undertaken by the Group in 2014 can be described as: obtaining distribution license for the brand Xiaomi and ASUS, began to expand its business to regional level with the acquisition of CG Computer (Apple Reseller), a company based in Malaysia, expanding Erafone Megastore outlets, opening the Asia’s largest outlet of iBox, through a joint venture with PT Sat Nusa Persada to produce  its own brand mobile phone (Venera), and introduces a new format that focused on selling products accessories without removing handset sales-Eraplus Concept.

In 2014, Erajaya Group has 80 points of distribution allowing the Group to reach more areas and resellers in Indonesia. In addition, Erajaya Group also managed to open 114 retail outlets while closing 82 unproductive retail outlets (business joint cooperation). With the net addition of 32 retail outlets.

Erajaya Group also develops platform- or operating-system based concept store. In collaboration with Google, in July 2012 Erajaya Group introduces AndroidNation, the world’s first retail outlet based on Android operating system. Until the end of 2014, AndroidNation continues to grow, and reached 6 outlets in Jakarta, Tangerang, Semarang and Surabaya.

Tracing back in 2011, Erajaya Group acquired PT Teletama Artha Mandiri (“TAM”). The acquisition has successfully generated income from investment for the portfolio of Erajaya Group as well as TAM as subsidiaries.

At the end of 2011, Erajaya Group conducted an IPO, selling 31.7% of its shares. With the stock code ERAA, Erajaya Group officially listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Another strategy undertook by Erajaya Group is to develop electronic- based selling (“e-commerce”) through www.erafone.com in early 2012. E-commerce achieved a great success, and Erajaya Group is trusted by a number of principal as launching partner for a wide range of flagship products and recorded outstanding sales result with a variety of new products. At the end of 2014, the Group relaunching Erajaya www.erafone.com website.

In August 2012, Erajaya Group through one of its subsidiaries, namely PT Data Citra Mandiri (“DCM”) acquired the rights of iBox brand and retail business. iBox is a specialty retail outlets for Apple brand leading products. This acquisition is a strategic move from Erajaya Group to further broaden its portfolio and to expand its retail network.

In September 2012, PT Eralink International, the majority shareholder of Erajaya Group again sold 8.3% of its shares, bringing the total shares released to public as of the end of 2012 amounted to 40.03% thereby reducing the tax incentive of 25% to 20 %.

As the business evolving, Erajaya Group entered into strategic partnership with 14 well-known global brands, including Acer, Apple, Asus, BlackBerry, Dell, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, and Xiaomi. The Company also markets its own products, under the name of Venera. In addition, Erajaya Group also collaborates with mobile network operators to distribute their products, namely Telkomsel, Indosat and XL.




To Provide mobile products and solutions to improve the quality and lifestyle.


Becoming a leading distribution company with integrated direct accest to consumers and retailers that offer a complete range of mobile products and solutions.


  • Integrity - Honest, accountable and responsibility.
  • Dynamic and Innovative - Quickly adapt and seek for creative solutions.
  • Respect Others - Respect, coorperativeness and good environment.
  • Customer Oriented - Providing the best service for customer satisfaction.
  • Learning Wihtout Limits - Continuously learning to develops ourselves.

Message from President Director

Budiarto Halim, President Director

Despite Indonesia unfavorable economic conditions during the year 2014, the Company has succesfully maintained its position as market leader. This is all achieved because the Company employees and management  hard work and dedication througout 2014

In 2014 the Company has increased the efficiency and remapping its distribution points, as a result at the end of the year, the Company has 80 distribution points. With the number of distribution points owned by the Company, it allows the Company to be able to reach out and serves approximately 19,000 resellers in Indonesia.

To improve our service to our customers, especially in retail of telecomunication products, the Company introduced Eraplus, a new retail formats developed based on the previous format (Gadget Store) which focuses on selling accessories products while still selling handset. As for the opening of new retail outlets, the Company has opened 114 new retail outlets and closed 82 non-performing retail outlets (joint business). Net Opening of the Company’s retail outlet by the end of 2014 are 32 retail outlets.

The Company’s commitment to expanding its business in the regional market is evident with the acquisition of CG Computers Sdn Hhd, a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Malaysia. With the acquisition, the Company has added and expand its retail network in Malaysia. CG Computers Sdn Hhd, through its trademark Switch is one of Premium Reseller for Apple and Apple Authorised Reseller in Malaysia. The total number of outlets owned by the Switch at the end of 2014 was 23 retail outlets.

In 2014, the Company recorded its net sales of Rp 14.45 trillion, increase 13.55% compared to the previous year's net sales amounted to Rp12,73 trillion. This increase was attributable to several factors, namely: (1) integrating Xiaomi and ASUS brands into our distribution and retail network, (2) expanding our retail outlets, such as Erafone Multibrand, Branded Store, iBox and Erafone Megastore, (3) acquiring overseas retail company (CG Computer Sdn Hhd), and (4) additional cluster for operator. The largest contribution came from the sales of mobile phone products and tablets, which amounted Rp12,30 trillion, or about 85.10% of the total sales.

In 2014, the Company has forged a strategic partnership with almost all principals of leading global brands. The Company also markets its own brand, Venera. The Company also collaborates with all leading mobile network operators.