Social Responsibility Programs

Erajaya Social Activity at Manyar, Surabaya – November, 9th 2012 - 09 November 2012

As a concern from Erajaya to improve about public health, on November, 9th, 2012 Erajaya conducting a free medical care to 150 residents which located in Desa Manyar, Surabaya. This free medical treatment coincide with the opening Erafone megastore in Galaxy Mall Surabaya.

Working together with Rumah Zakat as an organizer for this free medical treatment, Erajaya Group want to provide all the best to the people who living around the company. In this  free medical treatment, Erajaya and Rumah Zakat provide a wide range a treatments, which include: free health checks, supplementary feeding for toddlers and counseling about healthy living to the community.

Through by this social activity, we want to give a commitment to realize our social responsibility to the community. As the largest retail telecommunications company in Indonesia, we will commited to providing value added to the society, especially about public health and education in Indonesia.