Social Responsibility Programs

Erajaya Emergency Response - Januari 2013 - 25 January 2013


Jakarta, January 18, 2013. Floods hit Jakarta again. Like a five years ago, this time a flood inundated almost the entire area of ​​Jakarta. As a corporate that has a social responsibility, PT. Erajaya Swasembada, Tbk with emergency response team help the flood victims by conducting a series of social activities

Emergency response activities carried out since Friday, February 18, 2013 until January 24, 2013. Emergency response activities is conducted by distributing aid to residents which located in Pekojan, West Jakarta. In addition to being around the operational areas, that area affected by the worst flooding in Jakarta. We distributed in the form of fast food and other necessities that are needed by the flood victims, such as:  Rice, Confectionery Replenish Vitamins & Bread, eggs, medicine - drugs and vitamins, mineral water and milk, Sardine Cans, Clothes, T-shirts, blankets and gloves for adults and CHILDREN. In addition to donating basic needs, emergency response teams also gave Erajaya various baby items such as baby milk, Pampers, Porridge and Baby Biscuits. Assistance are also delivered by emergency response teams Erajaya in Taman Palem and Kampung Salo, West Jakarta.

Besides giving assistance to the local community, emergency response teams Erajaya also distribute a wide range of assistance to the employees of Erajaya Groups which  affected by the floods. In supplying aid, emergency response teams Erajaya also received aid from Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi, which is a rice wrap, mineral water, medicines and vitamins.

As a our concerns to the community after the flood disaster, on 0 february, 2013 Erajaya CSR Team also held a free medical treatment to the 400 people which located in Taman Palem, West Jakarta. This free medical treatment activities is focused on treating the disease after the floods, and educating the public on how to live a healthy life after a catastrophic flood. In this eventwe are working with several strategic partners. ie Rumah Zakat and KORAMIL 04 CKR KODIM 0503/JB REM 052 West Jakarta.