Social Responsibility Programs

Social Activity Erajaya: our concerns to The Communities Around Megastore–Januari 26, 2014 - 25 January 2014

As a form of concern for the health of the people in the surrounding areas of business Erajaya Group, on Januari 26, 2012  Erajaya Group conducting a free medical treatment to the disadvantage people that locating in Erafone Megastore, Bogor.  In this event, about  250 people received medical assistance and the provision of an additional 150 food packages for toddler nutrition.

This free medical treatment activities including: checking for the blood pressure, glucose levels monitor, cholesterol checks and counseling to the public about how ti live with a healthy life.

This activity is one of the events of the grand opening Erafone Megastore in Bogor area and this is our commitment to performing CSR activities to the communities around the area of ​​operations