Social Responsibility Programs

Grocery Bazaar and Prosmiling for 1000 Dhuafa Erajaya Group - 18 July 2014

In realizing CSR program (Corporate Social Responsibility) Erajaya Group doing Bazar Grocery Program for 1000 Dhuafa and Free Medical check up. This activity was held in three different locations. At Erafone Megastore Bogor, SMK 9 gedong panjang, and in the Warehouse Pekojan Erajaya Group Taman Palem, Cengkareng. Each of these activities was held on Saturday (12/07) in Bogor, on Saturday (19/07) in Pekojan and day of week (20/7) in Cengkareng. This activity is designed specifically to disadvantaged communities (Dhuafa) which are located around the company Erajaya Group.

Prosmiling is a mobile health care program that is packaged in a populist, which is carried out free of charge for the poor peoples who lived far away from access to health care / clinical care. Health services packaged in several packages, which Prosmiling general treatment, nutritional services, and nutrition specialist services. Basic food bazaar activity reserved for orphans (people can not afford) to insufficient food needs of their current welcome Eid 1435 H.

The number of beneficiaries in Prosmiling Programs and Grocery Bazaar is reached 1000 orphans with basic food bazaar details of 600 people, 500 general medicine, 150 medical check-up, and 150 services toddlers. In addition, also provided takjil package for 900 people.

Djatmiko Ward as Director of Marketing and Communications Erajaya Group said, "This event is our commitment to help and improve the health of the people residing in the surrounding area of ​​the company's operations. And this activity as a form of our concern to society in order to enliven the holy month of Ramadan 1435H with distributing groceries and free takjil for local residents. We hope this activity can be beneficial to the local community and this is a routine agenda of activities to be undertaken by the CSR Group Erajaya to the community