Social Responsibility Programs

Erajaya Group Launched Lentera Cerdas CSR Program in Tambora, West Jakarta - 29 August 2014
Jakarta, August 29, 2014 - PT. Erajaya Swasembada Tbk (Erajaya Group) collaborated with the National Institute of Humanitarian PKPU, today launched a scholarship program Bea-STAR (Smart Scholarship Acceleration) which is expected to help the education in Indonesia. Bea-STAR program which is one of the pillars of its CSR activities under the Lentera Cerdas consists of the provision of tuition assistance, routine and integrated provision of school kits for students. The aim of the program is to establish superior personal character and intellectual. This scholarship program awarded to 140 students from elementary schools consisting of 60 talented children from Erajaya Group employees, and 80 children who are performing around the Pekojan-Tambora area and spread into 9 School such as Pekojan 1-6 SD, SD Tambora 1- 3 and MIS Al-Ifadah. In addition of this Scholarship Achievement Program, Erajaya Group also distributed free spectacles to elementary schools’ students and teachers. In this program, Erajaya Group has examined the eyes of 1,227 Students and Teachers in 9 Primary School Pekojan 1-6 SD, and SD Tambora 1-3 and gave 360 pieces of free spectacles to Students and Teachers in the Schools. Overall, Erajaya Group will distribute 1,000 free spectacles to students and teachers in West Jakarta. "With Bea-STAR Scholarship Program and Cahaya Lentera Program, we intend to help to improve the educational facilities in Indonesia. We hope that the assistance provided to facilitate the students and teachers in the learning process in schools. Lentera Cerdas CSR program is designed as an Erajaya program (sustainable programs) that have long-term benefits to the advancement in the field of formal education in a way to educate the children as the next-generation successor to the nation, " stated Djatmiko Wardoyo, as a Marketing Communications Director of Erajaya Group, accompanied by Tomy Hendradjati, Director of the Institute of Humanitarian PKPU.